Gourock Highland Games

Results 2017

Shot putt: 1st Lucas Venta 16.65 2nd Lorne Coltard 16.65 3rd Daniel Carlin 14.57

28lb throw: 1st Lucas Venta 22.62 2nd Lorne Coltard 22.50 3rd Daniel Cartin 21.84

56 weight height: 1st Lucas Venta 2nd Daniel Carlin 3rd Lorne Coltard

Heavy Events Championships: 1st Lucas Venta 40.5 Lorne Coltard 33.5 Daniel Carlin 28

Pipe Band Championship

9 Years Championship

1st  Eilidh Gammons

2nd  Bevyn Moyes

3rd  Ellie Rennie

4th  Katie Seple

5th  Morgan O’Connor

6th  Reness Johnstone
11 Years Championship

1st   Charlotte Simpson

2nd  Harriette Waddell

3rd  Christy Graham

4th  Dana Dolan

5th  Lauren Struthers

6th  Olivia Barbour
13 Years Championship

1st  Brogan Martin

2nd  Hannah Butchard

3rd  Robyn McMillan

4th  CLouise Scoular

5th  Katie Little

6th  Amy Loughlin
15 Years Championship

1st  Kirsty Mitchelson

2nd  Louise Barton

3rd  Ellie Dalrymple

4th  Olivia Waddell

5th  Catriona Gammons

6th  Lisa McGillivary

Juvenile Drum majors:

1st: Gibb Fraser: Coalburn I.O.R

2nd: Rowan Murdoch: Denny & Dunipace

3rd: Becky Cox: Troon Blackrock

4th: Beth Turner: College of piping

Novice Juvenile B:

1st: Oban High School

2nd: Dumbarton & District plus BCD

3rd Renfrewshire Schools

Novice Juvenile A:

1st: Oban High School

2nd: 1st Troon BB plus BCD

3rd Dunoon Grammer

Grade 4:

1st: Johnstone plus BCD

2nd: Lower Clyde Pipes & Drums

3rd: WilliamWood

4th Strathendrick

Grade 4 MSR:

1st: Johnstone

2nd: Lochryan

3rd: Irvine & District

4th: WilliamWood


1st: 1st Troon Boys’ Brigade plus BCD

2nd Dumbarton & District

2nd: Dunoon Grammar School plus BCD

Grade 3:

1st: Lochryan

2nd: Lanark & District

3rd: Bothwell Castle plus BCD

4th: Irvine & District

Grade 2:

1st: Glasgow Skye Association plus BCD

2nd: Dumbarton & District

3rd: Bothwell Castle

Grade 1:

1st: Inverary & District

2nd: Scottish Power plus BCD

3rd: Johnstone

Results 2016

Pipe Band Championship

Juvenile Drum majors:

1st: Gibb Fraser: Coalburn I.O.R

2nd: Becky Cox: Troon Blackrock

3rd: Eve Llewellyn: Camelon & District

Adult Drum Majors:

1st: Richard Harrison: Lochmaben Royal

2nd: Andy Lyons: Stirling Pipe Band

Novice Juvenile B:

1st: 1st Troon Boys Brigade plus BCD

2nd: Kintyre School3rd: Dumbarton & District
Novice Juvenile A:

1st: Oban High School

2nd: Dunoon Grammar

Grade 4:

1st: Lower Clyde Pipes & Drums

2nd: Lochryan plus BCD

3rd: Johnstone

Grade 4 MSR:

1st: Williamwood

2nd:Lanark & District


1st: Inverclyde Council Shield

2nd: Dunoon Grammar School plus BCD
Grade 3:

1st: Johnstone

2nd: Lochmaben Royal Burgh

3rd: Bothwell Castle plus BCD
Grade 2:

1st: Johnstone plus BCD

2nd: City of Discovery

3rd: Lomond and Clyde
Grade 1:

1st: Johnstone plus BCD

2nd: Lomand and Clyde

3rd: City of Discovery
Heavyweight Championship

Stone Put: 1st L Venta 13.51 2nd D Carlin 12.77 3rd K Randalls 12.54

Shot putt: 1st L Venta 16.92 2nd D Carlin 14.53 3rd K Randalls 13.93

28lb throw: 1st K Randalls 23.60 2nd L Venta 22.92 3rd 22:15

56 weight height: 1st K Randalls 15’10 2nd D Carlin 15’0 3rd L Venta 14’6

Caber: 1st L Venta 85 2nd K Randalls 55 3rd S Anderson 50

Kempock Stone Lift: L Venta 5.67 Seconds 2nd 6.83 Seconds 3rd D Carlin 7 Seconds

Heavy Events Championships: 1st L Venta 45 points 2nd K Randalls 36 points 3rd D Carlin 36 points
9 Years Championship

1st   Lucy Forrest

2nd  Ruby O’Hagan

3rd  Eilidh Gammons

4th  Harriette Waddell

5th  Hollee Carmichael

6th  Lucy Stewart
11 Years Championship

1st   Charlotte Simpson

2nd  Hannah Innes

3rd  Hannah Butchard

4th  Christy Graham

5th  Kayla Nelson

6th  Chanel Gillan
13 Years Championship

1st  Olivia Waddell

2nd  Louise Scoular

3rd  Leaha Batchelor

4th  Catriona Gammons

5th  Sarah Adamson

6th  Jaden Lenny
15 Years Championship

1st  Michelle Gordon

2nd  Amber Donaldson

3rd  Cameron Walker

4th  Louise Barton

5th  Cerys Jones

6th  Benna Runcie


Results 2015

Pipe Band Championships

Novice Juvenile:

1st: Oban High School

2nd: Dumbarton and District

3rd:  Kintyre Schools

4th: 1st Troon Boys Brigade plus BCD

Grade 4:

1st:   Lanark and District plus BCD.

2nd:  Johnstone

3rd:  College of Piping

4th:  Williamwood

Grade 4 MSR:

1st: Williamwood plus BCD

2nd:  The Pipes and Drums of Basel

3rd:  Irvine and District

4th: Kilbarchan


1st:  Kintyre Schools plus BCD

2nd: 1st Troon Boys Brigade

3rd: Dunoon Grammar Scholl

4th: Inverclyde Juvenile


1st: Isle of Islay

2nd: Ayr Pipe Band Society

3rd: Bothwell Castle

4th: Wallacestone and District

Grade 2:

1st: Johnstone plus BCD

2nd  Isle of Islay

3rd: Kintrye  Schools

4th: Bothwell Castle

Grade 1:

1st: Johnstone Plus BCD

Adult Drum Majors:

1st:  Iona Burns – Shotts Dykehead Caledonia.

2nd: Campbell Waddle – Kirkcubright and District

3rd: Kevin Renton – Johnstone

4th  Andy Lyon – Royal Burgh of Stirling

Juvenile Drum Majors:

1st:   Gibb Fraser – Coalburn I.O.R.

2nd:  Becky Cox – Troon Blackrock

Heavyweight Championship

Stone putt 1st H Germundsson  13.75 2nd D Carlin 12.29 3rd K Randalls 11.97

28lb throw 1st H Germundsson 21.81 2nd N Elliott 21.55 3rd B Robb 20.98

Kempock stone lift 1st H Germundsson 9 seconds 2nd G Hagan & B Robb 10 seconds

56 weight height 1st K Randalls 15′ 2nd B Robb 14′ 6″ 3rd N Elliott 13′

Caber 1st B Robb 2nd N Elliott 3rd K Randalls

Championships Heavy Events 1st H Germundsson 41 points 2nd B Robb 37.5 3rd K Randalls 32 4th N Elliott 29.5 5th D Carlin 28.5 6th D Hart 20.5

West of Scotland Highland Dancing Championship

Organisers – Miss May Hughes

Judges – Miss Shendl Russell, Miss Jacqueline Aird, Miss Laura Melville

9 Years Championship

1st Christy Graham     –  Dundee
2nd Charlotte Simpson  –  Motherwell
3rd  Chanel Gillan  –  Stonehaven
4th Lucy Forrest  –  Falkirk
5th  Kayleigh Robertson  –  Hamilton
6th  Olivia Barbour  –  Dumbarton

11 Years Championship

1st  Rosey Watt  –  Macduff
2d  Hannah Innes  –  Edinburgh
3rd  Hannah Butchart  –  Stonehaven
4th  Jaden Lenny  –  Glenrothes
5th  Tia Corrigan  –  Paisley
6th  Katy Stewart  –  Lanark

13 Years Championship

1st  Amber Donaldson  –  Kirriemuir
2nd  Olivia Waddell  –  Forfar
3rd  Connor Woodcock  –  Forfar
4th  Catriona Gammons  –  Helensburgh
5th  Ellie Wood  –  Falkirk
6th  Lisa McGillivray  –  Kirn

15 Years Championship

1st  Michelle Gordon  –  Huntly
2nd  Holly Donaldson  –  Kirriemuir
3rd  Cameron Walker  –  Denny
4th  Finley Duncan  –  Banff
5th  Chloe McClean  –  Edinburgh
6th  Niamh McSheffrey  –  Kirriemuir

Results 2014

Gourock Heavyweight Competition

1st – Lucas Wenta 38 points

2nd – Heisi Geirmundsson 33

3rd – Bruce Robb 31

4th – Gary Hagan 26

5th – Paul Dearie 14

6th equal – Ernie Weir and Ciaren Wright 13

The most thrilling part of the competition was Lucas Wenta not only breaking the Shott record with 16.58, but also breaking it again with 16.72.  The old record had stood since 1968!

The West of Scotland Junior Highland Dance Championship (ages 7 – 15 years)

This will be added shortly.

The Gourock Pipe Band and Drum Majors’ Competition

Novice Juvenile

1st: Peggy Mc Donald Memorial Trophy:

Kintyre Schools

2nd: Kavaerner Kincaid Trophy Plus The Forbes Cup (BCD):

Inverclyde Juvenile (plus BCD).

3rd: Gourock Rotary Trophy:

Dumbarton and District.

4th: Church for Peugeot Trophy:

Oban High School (N/J).

Grade 4

1st  Darroch Cup. Plus David Mc Gill Trophy (BCD):

Coalburn I.O.R.

2nd: John Crombie Memorial Trophy:

College of Piping Pipes and Drums.

3rd: Mc Swein Trophy:

Greyfriars Pipes and Drums.

4th: Andrew Rodgers Memorial Trophy:

Irvine and District Pipes and Drums.

Grade 4 MSR

1st:  Coalburn I.O.R. (Cheque).

2nd: Williamwood (Cheque).

3rd: Greyfriars Pipes and Drums (Cheque).

4th: Kilbarchan (Cheque).


1st: Gourock Traders Assoc Shield plus Iain Kennedy Memorial Cup (BCD):

Oban High School (Juv).

2nd: Greenock Telegraph:

Kintyre Schools.

3rd: J Church and Co Ltd Trophy:

Inverclyde Juvenile.

4th: Dumbarton and District:

Grade 3

1st: Darroch Jug Plus Alexanders of Greenock Shield (BCD):


2nd: The Robert Williamson Trophy:


3rd: National Semiconductor Trophy:

Wallacestone and District.

4th: Gourock Cup:

East Kilbride.

Grade 2

1st: The Caledonian Mc Brayne Trophy plus The Cardwell Garden Centre Trophy (BCD):

Oban Pipe Band.

2nd. Colonial Mutual Trophy:

Lomond and Clyde.

3rd Duncan Fisher Trophy:

Oban High School (Juv) Pipe Band.

4th: The James Mc Ginn Trophy:

Grade 1

1st William Mustard Shield plus Gourock Traders’ Association Shield (BCD):

Greater Glasgow Police.

2nd: Lomond and Clyde:

3rd: Oban Pipe Band.

4th: Scottish Fire and Rescue (Cheque).

Please note that the Drum Major competitions where cancelled so not trophies where handed out.




Gourock Highland Games

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